The view from sticking my head out the conference room window…

Now you may not be able to see why very clearly but I actually really like this view. At the end of this street (41st) you can see a small arch…

This is one of the three arches on the face of the New York Public Library.

I love the library, I love the things it holds inside of it –

The original Winnie the Pooh animals

One of maybe 48 Gutenburg Bibles left in the world

The lions guarding the door

The great hall

And especially the history of the location, the block that now houses Bryant Park and the library used to be the Croton Reservoir…

How awesome is that? It just amazes me, the transformations this city has had.  From wild forests, to Revolutionary War battle ground, to gangs of New York, to the gateway for starting a new life, the rise… and the fall of the stock market, the construction of amazing buildings like the Empire State Building, the hot-zone of culture, innovation and progressive thinking,  the place where being greedy isn’t only accepted but encouraged, Natural History Museum, 9-11, New Years eve, subways, Central Park, rats, Guggenheim, taxis, Yankees, Warhol… everything about this place…  Every step has some sort of past, every inhale – a result of somebody else’s exhale, it crazy and I’m glad all I have to do to be reminded of it is stick my head out the window and open my eyes.


~ by chj48 on April 3, 2011.

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  1. i like the winnie the pooh originals. a lot a lot.

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