City of Trash

New York has some of the best trash in the world.  One thing that makes it so great is that there really isn’t anywhere to put the trash between the time when the consumer throws it away to when the truck picks it up, which means it either sits on the sidewalk or in the small spaces between buildings until the pickup date.

This is great for scavengers – I admit I’ve brought home a thing or two I’ve found on the streets, who hasn’t?

Anyway that’s not the point, sometimes you want something you’ve found but can’t have it, maybe you just watched a dog pee on it, maybe it’s too big to carry and no cabbie will let you put it in their car, whatever the reason sometimes you just can’t take things you want.

Well I came across something the other night that I want badly…

See it?

Still can’t see it?

That’s right it’s a giant freaken statue of a shirtless muscley guy who seems to be yelling!

It’s actually not that far from my apt so unless it’s made out of marble I think I could get it to where I want it, the problem is it’s in this locked space between two building and I can’t get in!!!

If someone knows how to pick locks and is willing to help me drag this thing a block and a half I’ll make you cookies or something.


~ by chj48 on November 29, 2010.

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