Renewed Excitment

I’ve never been very in to the Harry Potter movies, the first couple weren’t bad they were just weak the fourth just left way too much out for my liking, the first five minutes of the fifth one pissed me off way more than any movie should and the sixth was bound to disappoint me because it’s my favorite book.  I was happy the studio decided to make the final book into two movies (as I’m sure they were too – they’re gonna make BAAAAANK) simply because they should be able to fit so much more detail into them.  A friend of mine bought us tickets to opening weekend of this first installment and after watching this trailer I’ll tell you… I’m excited.

~ by chj48 on November 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Renewed Excitment”

  1. Connor – The Giants won the World Series last night and you blogged about HP? I’m assuming you are ADD and so need something new to pick up the void that the end of baseball season has left in your life. Find me something would you?

  2. I cant wait for harry potter.. every time the commercial comes on i get goose bumps!!!

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