My Lucky Day

As I’ve posted before I really like books and I pick up interesting ones whenever I can.  My apartment building acts kind of as a book recycling place at times – people leave books on windowsills or the table by the front door for others to grab before the super eventually tosses them out.

A little over a month ago I grabbed a few books that were sitting on our second floor windowsill above the trash, one of them was this beauty –

I put them on my shelf and kind of just left them there.

This week one of my friends came over to see my apartment.  We were looking at my books and hanging out, she grabbed the Beatles book and said “O I found your stash,”  I had no idea what she was talking about so she turned the book around and sitting in the front cover was this –

Open it up to find there was $150.00 in that book.

The money was all the old style bills.  My guess is they’ve been in there for quite a while…

Lucky day for me


~ by chj48 on July 17, 2010.

One Response to “My Lucky Day”

  1. Rad, nice find. I have a secret money book too, I just hope I never accidentally give it away…

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