In This I See God

So my roommate Kenneth and I have been really into this show – I’m not going to tell you the name cuz it’s kinda lame.  It’s been on demand so we’ve watched an episode a night since last week to catch up for the next season’s premiere which was this week.  In one of the last episodes of last season contained a few quotes I really liked.

I actually can’t really explain it very well without telling you what it’s about so I’m just going to admit it – we like True Blood.

So this 2,000 year old vampire – Godric –  was warn out with the world  and the relationship between humans, vampires and all the rest so he was going to kill himself by staying out for sunrise.  The human girl – Sookie – was on the roof with him talking about life and whatnot when Godric asked if Sookie believed in God.  Being the nice southern girl she is she said “Yes.”

Godric – “If you’re right, how will he punish me?”

Sookie – “God doesn’t punish, God forgives”

Godric – “I don’t deserve it . . . . . . . . . . . . but I hope for it

The conversation continues then Sookie said “Are you very afraid?”

Godric – “No, no I’m full of joy”

Sookie – “But the pain”

Godric – “I want to burn”

Sookie as she begins to cry – “I’m afraid for you”

Godric – “A human with me at the end, and human tears . . . 2,000 years and I can still be surprised . . . . . . . .  In this I see God

He then faces the sunrise and as it peaks he bursts into this cheesy blue flame, but that isn’t the point.  The things that I love about it and really felt for were two of Godric’s response – “I don’t deserve it, but I hope for it” and “In this I see God.”

It made me think, I don’t think any of us really deserve or are entitled to the forgiveness God gives us, but we all hope and strive for it.

And I thought the words “In this I see God” was a beautiful way to describe it.  A beautiful way to describe things I see God in every day.  Now, when I’m out and I see something that amazes me I have this line to say in my head:

“In this I see God.”

ps – if any of my 4 readers watch True Blood this is from season 2 episode 9 – I Will Rise Up

~ by chj48 on June 14, 2010.

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