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Julio Aparicio, a matador from Seville was gored on Saturday in Spain.  Now we’ve all seen and chuckled at the pictures of a bull getting back at the matador by stabbing him in the butt (see photo) or flipping him 10 feet into the air but this goring was different.

Aparicio is one of the highest regarded bull fighters in Spain and just the day before his goring he cut both ears off the defeated bull (no ears for a crappy fights, one for a pretty good fight and two for a great fight).  The fight took place at La Plaza de Toros las Ventas in Madrid during the Festival of Saint Isidro, the most important festival on a bullfighter’s calendar (although it surely isn’t the most well-known – San Fermin can thank Hemingway for that)

Anyway, Aparicio had his sword out and was doing a few more passes with bull (I can’t find the bull’s name or farm) before putting it down when he lost his footing and fell to a knee, he struggled to get away and then fell on his butt.  The bull took the opportunity to lower his head and go after Aparicio with the only other weapons he has other than brute strength, his horns.  The horn impaled his throat and came out his mouth… no joke, out his mouth.

For some reason the bull backed up and the horn slide out of the same hole it went in.  Other matadors and medics rushed in, the matadors killed the bull and the medics went to Aparicio.

Now just so you know he survived the impalement and went through a couple of surgeries and he is now in critical condition.



~ by chj48 on May 23, 2010.

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