Sheep to the Slaughter

Four of the six sheep waiting for the others to be gathered and brought to the back shed of death.

The sheep patiently awaiting their end, tied up in their wheelbarrow.

The sheep struggled a bit and tipped the wheelbarrow over.

I have more pictures but I’ve decided not to post them due to their graphic content.

Anyway, point of the post was killing animals is sad, I don’t like it. I was depressed all day after this… no good.


~ by chj48 on March 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sheep to the Slaughter”

  1. That is so sad. Glad I don’t eat sheep/lamb… Do they sedate them?

    • No they don’t sedate them, they just stab them with this long knife. I have pictures if you want.

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