Pop pop pop goes the king of pop art

Did you know that someone tried to assassinate Andy Warhol? On June 3, 1968 one of his old “Factory” groupies, Valerie Solanas,  came to the Factory to get a script back from Warhol. He told her it had been misplaced it so supposedly she left and came back later that day with a .32 caliber handgun, she pulled it from her trench coat and started shooting. Warhol got hit, the doctors had to open up his chest and massage his heart back to beating. His spleen, stomach, liver, lungs, and esophagus were all messed up and he was only given a 50% chance to live.

Warhol spent two months in the hospital and didn’t press charges against Solanas. She plead guilty to assault and was sentenced to three years in prison. I thought it was a pretty crazy story. Here’s a picture of Warhol’s body post shooting.


~ by chj48 on January 31, 2010.

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