Lip on lip

Think about it… what is a kiss? When did the bumping of two faces together begin to express what it expresses now?

Wikipedia defines a kiss as “the touching of one’s lips to another person or object, used to express love, passion, affection, respect, greeting, and good luck. The word comes from Old English cyssan.”

The most approved urban dictionary definition is “The sweetest thing a guy can do without bein an ass.”

and the verb definition according to Merriam Webster is “to touch with the lips especially as a mark of affection or greeting”

Really a kiss can be any number of these but I think it can also be something more… like a moment, a joining of two otherwise separate things for an unlimited amount of time. Whether it lasts a second or if it lasts days (the world record is somewhere around 42 hours) the moment is the same.

Some kisses work, while others fail miserably but is there ever that perfect kiss? The one kiss (or kisser) that trumps all others?

the ‘nick-o-teen,’ the squid, the wrecking ball, the lizard, the grouper, the swordfish, the deep-sea diver, the rooster, the soft, wet, rough, nibble, hard, dry, lip, suck, bite, violent, dirty, electric kiss, the Hepburn, the French swirl, etc etc so many varieties but do they really make a difference?

Conclusion – right partner=right kiss every time


~ by chj48 on January 9, 2010.

One Response to “Lip on lip”

  1. I like this. Really creative perspective. Made me think, and chuckle. Haha. Nice đŸ™‚

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